Installing VMWare Remote Console (VMRC) On Arch/Manjaro

When you download the Remote Console bundle installer from VMWare and run it, the UI will start and simply fail with “Installation was unsuccessful” error. There is no console output, seems to be no log, and no apparent option to enable verbosity. Since I’m using Manjaro, I’d rather not use the package, which is only available in AUR.

A successful install is not terribly difficult. You can start the install using a command-line installer rather than the GUI:

sudo ./VMware-Remote-Console-11.2.0-16492666.x86_64.bundle --console

There will be some prompting that isn’t present in the GUI. When it asks you:

System service scripts directory (commonly /etc/init.d).:

…enter an alternative directory. That’s it. In my case, it didn’t even have to exist.

The install will take a minute expanding things, and then deposit the “vmrc” executable within the executable search-path. The browser should now be able to find it when the remote console wants to open the viewer.