Printing Progress for DD

PV does everything.

root@mlll2664:~# pv -tpreb /dev/sdc | dd of=/dev/sdd bs=512M
27.5GB 0:03:28 [ 130MB/s] [========>                          ] 12% ETA 0:24:39

You can also funnel this into the dialog tool and make it visual:

HowTo: Check The Status of dd Command In Progress under Unix like operating systems

See here for more details.



Show Visual Progress For “dd” Copy Operations

On Ubuntu, install pv using Apt:

$ sudo apt-get install pv


$ dd if=<FROM FILEPATH> | pv | dd of=<TO FILEPATH>

1,86MB 0:00:14 [ 174kB/s] [      <=>                               ]

You can also pass --size with an estimated-size to show a progress bar and estimated time of completion.