Browse Your Image Library With a Webpage

Easily install via PyPI and start a documentation server with RemoteImageBrowser. It also supports more robust/scalable installs (via uWSGI).

You can also reuse and augment the local Gnome thumbnail cache. This means that if you have a want to serve a large image library, you can precache all of your thumbnails from a scheduled process and benefit from them both when browsing/manipulating them directly as well as when you browse them from the website. A basic PIL-based thumbnailer is used by default.


$ git clone
$ cd RemoteImageBrowser
$ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
$ rib/resources/scripts/development \
    --env IMAGE_ROOT_PATH=~/Downloads \
    --env THUMBNAIL_ROOT_PATH=/tmp/thumbnails




Snaggy Temporary Image Links

Share Images with Temporary Short-Links (like with Pastebin)

A quick Google search rendered two respectable solutions:

  • Allows you to paste an image and get a link. There are also some basic image-editing tools.
  • It’s supposed to be the same as Snaggy, but also allows you to drag images. However, it failed (by way of stating that I was only allowed to drag-and-drop an image) with the four- or five-images that I attempted. I’m assuming that it detects whether you’re dragging an image based on the file-extension. If the file-extension isn’t present or there’s an inconvenient period in the filename, it will likely reject it.