Searching for Specific Packages in NuGet

Package searches in NuGet hit the query API and the query API, by default, does a substring search. This obviously might get annoying when a simple string that you’re searching for might appear within any of the searchable characteristics of many different packages.

However, since this is the standard query interface, and you can pass more than just flat strings, you can also modify the query to do an exact search using the “PackageId” modifier:

C:\>nuget list zebus
Zebus 1.4.6
Zebus.Directory 1.2.10
Zebus.Directory.Cassandra 1.2.10
Zebus.Directory.Standalone 1.2.10
Zebus.Persistence 1.0.2
Zebus.Persistence.CQL 1.0.2
Zebus.Persistence.CQL.Testing 1.0.2
Zebus.Testing 1.4.6

C:\>nuget list PackageId:zebus
Zebus 1.4.6