Publishing with ClickOnce via Visual Studio and TFS 2015 (vNext)

ClickOnce equips your published application to be able to check for updates and to, optionally, do the update automatically. See this post for more information.

To invoke this functionality from either the command-line or your build definition/process, you need to pass some additional project parameters to MSBuild.

ApplicationVersion (e.g.
InstallUrl (e.g. http://clickonce.localhost/consoletestfrombuild/)
UpdateUrl (e.g. http://clickonce.localhost/consoletestfrombuild/)
PublishUrl (e.g. http://clickonce.localhost/consoletestfrombuild/)
UpdateEnabled (e.g. true)
UpdateMode (e.g. Foreground)
ProductName (e.g. TestConsoleApplication)

There is some disagreement as to whether the “ProductName” parameter is necessary.

The corresponding set of MSBuild arguments using the example values:

/target:publish /p:ApplicationVersion= /p:InstallUrl=http://clickonce.localhost/consoletestfrombuild/ /p:UpdateUrl=http://clickonce.localhost/consoletestfrombuild/ /p:PublishUrl=http://clickonce.localhost/consoletestfrombuild/ /p:UpdateEnabled=true /p:UpdateMode=Foreground /p:ProductName=TestConsoleApplication

If your polling locations are going to be UNCs (“\\path\\file”) rather than URLs then you’ll have to pass an additional argument:


To configure this under a TFS 2015 build-definition, simply add the parameters to the “MSBuild Arguments” field:

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