Create a Video From Your Processing Sketch (Using the IDE)

A quick example to show how to create a video from Processing 2.0 . Here, I’m using the Python mode. We write each frame out to a file and then use the built-in Movie Maker to create a QuickTime video (you can also attach audio if you desire).

Example code:

def setup():
    size(500, 500)

def draw():
    background(255, 255, 255)

    if mousePressed:
        ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 80, 80)


For those that aren’t familiar, this just configures the canvas and then constantly clears the canvas with each redraw. If you’re pressing the mouse-button, it’ll draw a circle whereever the cursor is. After the redraw, it’ll capture one PNG image. It’ll implicitly create the “frames” folder if it doesn’t already exist.

Now, we open Movie Maker:

Open Move Maker

Click on the top “Choose…” button to elect your “frames” directory (or whatever you called it):


Click “Create Movie…”, select your video-file name/path, and watch it go:

Make Movie

The final result (in my case):

Final Result

For a library-based approach, look into GSVideo.