Tool to Quickly Create Upstart Jobs

Upstart is a monumental improvement over the classical SysV mechanism for Unix/Linux process/daemon management. Still, it’s a somewhat manual process to create jobs. I’ve previously written about the Upstart library that provides the ability to start and stop jobs (using D-Bus), as well as build jobs.

However, the Upstart library also provides two command-line tools:

  • upstart-create: Create Upstart jobs using reasonable defaults.
  • upstart-reload: Send a signal to Upstart to reload jobs.

Of particular note is the first tool. It’ll take a couple of options, and write a new job file (in /etc/init). The example from the project website (which displays to the screen rather than write a job file):

$ upstart-create test-job /bin/sh -j -d "some description" -a "some author "
description "some description"
author "some author "
exec /bin/sh
start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [016]