Obama and Github

Obama has found a new channel of controversy. As of the last week or two, the big news was that the government had been shutdown as an inevitable consequence of multiple trillions of dollars of expenses and pissing everyone off by underhandedly getting His healthcare bill to go through (hence forcing the Republicans to reciprocate in the only way they can). As of this week, the new news is that the http://healthcare.gov website has gone live, and not only has the lower-quality experience and colossal number of glitches pissed everyone off, but so has the thematically-consistent price tag.

In 2011, CGI Federal was contracted to create the website for $93-million. Apparently, the final price tag is upwards of $634-million. I don’t know whether people are angrier for what it costs, or that they could have hired a couple of college kids to do it for a few grand, and at least contributed to the educational sector.

If all of that wasn’t enough, they made some code available via Github that seems to only be three commits old. I don’t know what to make of that, but it makes me very uncomfortable.

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